Brewery Slaapmutske

Beer of the month (Belgium):


Slaapmutske Blond: Aygems Caffeetje - Aaigem


Slaapmutske Blond: De Warande - Wetteren


Slaapmutske Hop Collection: De Tinnen Pot - Nossegem

Since 01/05/2007 the Slaapmutske-beers are available in UK. 
The exclusive importer of Slaapmutske in UK is: 
Beer Direct 
10 Ferndale Close 
Stoke on Trent St 9 0pW
Contact person: Mr. Martin Johnson 
Tel: 44 (0)1782 303823
Some nice pubs and shops where you can find Slaapmutske are: 
Garage Lane
PE33 0BE
Tel: 44 (0)1553 812000
The Belgian Beer Company
Contact person: Mrs. Samantha Goode
The New Oxford (Officer of Slaapmutske)
Bexley Square 
Manchester M3 6DB
Contact person: Mr. Tim Flynn 
Tel: 44 (0)1618 327082




For more information about Slaapmutske in UK contact us: