Brewery Slaapmutske

Beer of the month (Belgium):


Slaapmutske Blond: Aygems Caffeetje - Aaigem


Slaapmutske Blond: De Warande - Wetteren


Slaapmutske Hop Collection: De Tinnen Pot - Nossegem

Since 01/12/2005 Slaapmutske is available in the US. 

The label has been changed and for the first time, the smiling moon really is dressed with a 'nightcap'! 'Slaapmutske Triple Nightcap' is available in bottles of 33CL, 75 CL and kegs... 

The exclusive importer of the Slaapmutske-beers in US is: 
Shelton Brothers 
PO Box 486 
MA 01007 
Tel: +1-413-323-7790 
Fax: +1-413-323-7791 
Slaapmutske is available at:
Ebenezer’s Pub (Officer of Slaapmutske)
44 Allen Rd Lovell
Me 04051
Contactpersoon: Chris Lively
The Lion's Pride (Officer of Slaapmutske)
112 Pleasant Street Brunswick
Maine 04101 
Phone: (207) 373-1840
The Barking Dog Bar / The Ale House (Officer of Slaapmutske)
37 Main St Amesbury
MA 01913 
Phone: (978) 388-1950 
For more information about Slaapmutske in US contact us: